Indonesia Property and Tourism Update : 5 Super Priority National Tourism Strategic Areas (KSPN)

Government focuses to develop 5 super priority national tourism strategic areas (KSPN) in 2020, especially for infrastructure, which must be completed by the end of 2020 so that starting in 2021, can continue with the development of 5 other KSPNs.

Budget spent is Rp. 10 Trilion and does not only use the State Budget but is combined with Government and Business Cooperation both SOEs and the private sector. There is still no plan yet for government to hold the development on these 5 KSPNs due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The infrastructures to be build in 2020 include flood control construction at New Yogyakarta International Airport, Keprekan-Borobudur road reconstruction, SPAM (Drinking Water Supply Sistem) pipe network development with a potential outcome of 3,500 household connections, and construction of self-help housings for tourism in Magelang Regency.


Raw water will be supplied from Pengga Dam in Lombok Tengah Regency, a canal construction for flood control in Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ), the construction of Lombok International Airport-Kuta Mandalika Road, the development of a public open space & a promenade along the coast of the southern beach, and the construction of apartment properties for workers in Mataram.


Infrastructures that will be build in 2020 include raw water provision in Labuan Bajo, road improvement in Waecicu tourism area spanning 8.25 km, port access road construction, Marina Beach-Bukit Pramuka area reorganization, Puncak Waringin area reorganization, and construction of 315 units of self-help housings for tourism in Manggarai Barat Regency.


The widening of Tano Ponggol and the raw water provision in Parapat, improvement of Samosir Ring Road & Standar Panji-Bts. Samosir-Dolok Sanggul Road, Parapat area reorganization & Ajibata SPAM (Drinking Water Supp;y System) and the construction of self-help housings for tourism & apartment properties for workers in Toba Samosir Regency.


Nautical tourism destination and as the tourism hub in the eastern indonesia §In 2020 government will support flood control construction at Likupang River, MOR III construction with roads spanning 45 m, Marinsow Bridge replacement spanning 13 m, and construction of 300 units of self-help housings for tourism in Minahasa Utara Regency.

Source : BCI Highlights

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